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Breaking with recent tradition, the Graves Jenkins team stayed on terra firma for this year’s Christmas outing, with a sporting based theme.

First up was a trip to the oche at Flight Club Victoria. Despite tales of never having thrown an arrow, or at least not recently, there was plenty of sterling performances which the late great Eric Bristow would have been proud of and smacked of many a mis-spent youth, particularly from Hannah and Jill...

A quick hop skip and jump across town took us to Puttshack Bank, a fantastic hi-tech mini golf course. The unique challenge on each hole was a great golf-leveller, that said, non-golfer Tom did manage to launch his ball off the end of the third hole, into the crowded bar, and it was last seen heading down Cannon Street…….

A delicious post golf dinner was followed by some lively refreshments in Borough Market whilst admiring the illuminated Shard.

A great day and brilliant to see London so busy.


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