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Get Some Professional Advice Without Delay

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 By Phil Graves

Our lives have changed.

Our business models have changed.

Some by choice and others through necessity, but one thing for sure, every single business will be reviewing their operational methods and considering changes.

This could lead to a review of business premises - downsizing, relocation or upsizing with new business opportunities and some of those have already come through as positive enquiries for new space. Deals are being undertaken and new stock is being entered onto the market, both freehold and leasehold.

"Having spoken with numerous landlords and tenants in recent weeks, everyone wants a view of the market. We are in unique times and although many of us have been through a recession or two, noting the impact to market conditions in terms of demand, rental level and price, the COVID-19 position is going to have a greater effect and will be more long term," stated Phil Graves.

The key however, is good quality advice with local knowledge at the heart of all decisions. It is so difficult to generalise on the UK market whereby specific locations and markets have their own strengths and weaknesses. In my article written May 2019 A Solution for Commercial Premises pressures on the retail and restaurant scene already existed and changes had to be made to City centres. C-19 has further highlighted the weaknesses of the UK retail market and changes will now be have to be enforced.

The industrial and office space markets will also have to embrace the 'new norm' as landlords will want to avoid vacant premises and uncertainty.

So whether you are a landlord or tenant, make contact with our commercial team to obtain an experienced viewpoint. We are OPEN FOR BUSINESS and DEALS ARE BEING DONE.