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Brighton Going Up To The Prem

08 May 2017 By Tom Sleven

Let’s take a look at other towns and cities that have had changes to their dynamics in part due to sporting success or lack of!

The most obvious in recent years being London after the Olympics. Homeowners in the six Olympic and Paralympic boroughs have enjoyed faster rising property prices in the years after the games.

The largest rise in prices was in Waltham Forest which has seen a 76.6 per cent uplift since the Olympics ended! This is an amazing 23.8 per cent higher than the London average of 52.8 per cent.

Of course the Olympics are a far larger and greater project than anything London had taken on in many decades but it does show how sporting success can leave its mark firmly behind when the sports are finished. The Olympic legacy is still showing no signs of slowing almost 5 years after they ended.

Brighton football club have announced that they estimate an additional £160 million will come in to the Greater Brighton area due to the effects of Promotion to the Premiership. Brighton has long been an established destination but with games now being televised in over 200 countries around the globe who know the potential impact on future tourism that will have on the city.

Aside from that there will be approximately 3000 travelling fans arriving in the city for each away game. These fans will no doubt be visiting the city and spending money. Many of these fans will want to take advantage of being in the seaside town and stay for the weekend. Many other teams to have achieved promotion do not have the same draw as Brighton does to attract people to stay for a night or more.

Leicester for example are essentially a similar sized club to Brighton. The added value to the city of Leicester going up is hard to pinpoint. But their turnover prior to promotion was £31 million, after promotion that turnover went up to almost £160 million over night! Let’s just hope we can match Leicester’s fantastic winning run in the Premiership last year.

Whatever the evidence is I firmly believe that having successful teams, sports or events in and around Brighton will surely have many positive effects to people living and working in the city.